Developed with what exists of moderner in the world in Automobile, Aeronautics and Marine the Aesthetics’ branch, this product with exclusive acrylic properties, checks to the vehicle’s painting the perfect protection and waterproffing, keeping it with the original aspect for much more time and valorizing much more your property.


· Perfect for the zero km vehicle, because the painting was not yet damaged and thus will remain with the original shine and beauty for more time; · The solution for the used vehicle, because it restores the original shine and the beauty of painting, letting it water proof;
· Presentation: Gallon of 3,6 liters;
· It creates an extra layer of protection on the surface of the varnish;
· It increases considerably the resistance of the painting against high temperatures;
· It avoids varnish and painting’s cracking;
· It saves in the maintenance and preservation of the vehicle, once that dismissal the constant use of waxes and polishers substances; · It decreases substantially the attrition coefficient on the surface of the painting, avoiding thus the impurity adherence;
· It provides an intense and instantaneous shine, with prolonged duration;
· It valorizes the vehicle in occasion of the retailer, because it kept your vehicle’s aspect new,
original and very conserved;
· It acts as anti-rust, anti-oxidizer, renewer and waterproof;
· It obstructs the pores on the surface of the painting, avoiding agents penetration damaging such as:
· acid rain,
· Ultra Violeta Lightnings ( Aggression of the Sun )
· effects of sea’s salt,
· Polluently Gases,
· Dust,
· Trees resins,
· Birds
· and Dew feces, among others

> Características

  • Tem secagem rápida
  • Alto poder de proteção e repelência;
  • Baixa toxidade;
  • Não deixa resíduos tóxicos, nem alérgicos;
  • Não afeta a camada de Ozônio, nem o meio ambiente;
  • Não é inflamável;
  • Não é explosivo;
  • Age como retardador de chamas;
  • Não enfraquece o tecido;
  • Combate o ácaro;
  • detecta vazamento de gases no local de aplicação;
  • Tem garantia de 3 anos contra trincamento e ressecamento;
  • Não altera a características original do tecido.

> Recomendações

  • Sofás, colchoes, carpetes, cortinas, poltronas.
  • Veículos automotivos;
  • Motocicletas;
  • Qualquer superfíce com tinta automotiva.

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