.FASTEST DRYING (the upholstery will be ready for guests in only one hour instead of one to two days);
( it bonds to the fibers of all kinds of upholstery, including the finest natural ones and the hardiest synthetics offering the best repellency of any water base product on the market, delivering the highest protection and efficiency against:
Accidental liquid spills:( spills does not penetrate in the fibers making it easier to remove)
Dust impregnation:( makes vacuuming more effective)
Stain fixation( it impedes the stain to penetrate in the fabric pours).
Molds, Mildrew and Bacteria growth: ( these organisms are fungi that grow on the surface of objects, within pores and in deteriorated materials. They can cause discoloration and odor, deteriorating the fabric, leading to allergic reactions as other health problems).
Acarids or Mites( the respiratory allergy to acarids is an extremely common pathology, representing about 50% of the cases including asthma).
· LOW TOXICITY ( It is safer to the client and the staff);
· FREE FROM TOXIC RESIDUES ( the uphosltery ends up clean from toxic residues and i'ts safer to pets and children);
· ENVIRONMENTALLY CORRECT (Does not affect the ozone layer);
· NON FLAMMABLE ( water based and contains no risk of fire accidents);
· NON EXPLOSIVE ( does not produce explosive gases like some upholstery protectors );
· GAS LEAK DETECTOR (it detecs gas leaking in the area when it is been aplyied such as heaters, stove, owe, air conditioner and refrigerators);
· UV RAYS PROTECTOR (Homeowners and businesses save by not having to replace furniture because of fading fabrics);
( it strenghtens the fibers and protects the upholstery against cracking and fading for more than three years).

> Características

  • Tem secagem rápida
  • Alto poder de proteção e repelência;
  • Baixa toxidade;
  • Não deixa resíduos tóxicos, nem alérgicos;
  • Não afeta a camada de Ozônio, nem o meio ambiente;
  • Não é inflamável;
  • Não é explosivo;
  • Age como retardador de chamas;
  • Não enfraquece o tecido;
  • Combate o ácaro;
  • detecta vazamento de gases no local de aplicação;
  • Tem garantia de 3 anos contra trincamento e ressecamento;
  • Não altera a características original do tecido.

> Recomendações

  • Sofás, colchoes, carpetes, cortinas, poltronas.
  • Veículos automotivos;
  • Motocicletas;
  • Qualquer superfíce com tinta automotiva.

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